I'm connected to Bay Photo (out of Santa Cruz) and a few other merchandise printers. You can print my pictures onto pretty much anything you've seen in a gift shop, at an art show, or on a living room wall.   You can also download copies for personal and commercial use (some photos excluded).  

You ask: "Daniel, isn't it cheaper to download the files and have them printed at my local grocery or drug store?"  Yes: it will probably be about half the price.  What you will get through my website will be superior in quality: they will look better and last longer; they will print like I have intended them to print (auto-correcting software generic printers use can ruin an artistic photo); and they will arrive to your address in perfect condition (no bend or cutting mistakes).  

If you need help buying prints or gifts, go here. If that's not enough, please use the 'contact' button above and I'll respond shortly.

To find out more about the products for sale, e.g. to learn more about "ThinWraps," go here. To learn even more (perhaps too much), go here.

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